Fresh and Clean


In 2017, Oli Duke (lead vocals/keys/songwriter/co-producer) began working in the studio with co-producer Arjun Doel on a project that eventually developed into Duke and the Dry Cleaners. His tracks have been brought to life on stage by scintillating performances from some fine musicians: 

Harry Gould - bass, bvs, MD

Joe Williams - drums

Max Ellenberger - tenor saxophone

Toby Daintree - guitar

Eva Perrin Fontana - bvs

Each has brought their own musical identity to the table, resulting in a unique sound combining funk, disco, soul, jazz and dance.  

The release of I Want To marks the long awaited arrival of new music from Duke and the Dry Cleaners, with multiple London shows lined up in 2020, as well as plans for an EP and summer festivals.

Listen out and you will no doubt be enticed by their infectious vibe.